Why Us?

Systems of mobility are fundamentally important to the growth of a society. The movement of goods and people drives economies and greater interconnection. The supply-chain and logistics systems that have enabled rising prosperity and driven the success of digital commerce rely heavily on advances in communication, automation, and transport. While much of this innovation has been on land, we are now entering an era of rapid transformation – and disruption – in the skies. Unmanned and autonomous aerial vehicles are challenging traditional legal paradigms, while authorities that govern safety and security in the air are struggling to keep pace with technical innovation. Transport systems must adapt to meet the increasing demands of society, but without adding additional risks.A unique opportunity exists today to harness the revolutionary power of drones and autonomous aerial mobility. Around the world, drones are already having a positive effect on human health, food production, environmental protection, and more.

Drones are providing a vision from the skies that redefine how we see the world, identifying agricultural risks, fighting fires and more.Transporting vital goods through the air has been a staple of international commerce for decades, but a revolution is taking place at low altitudes, on demand, for last-mile connectivity. Nations are beginning to explore opportunities to adopt new rules to support societal needs through the skies.What is needed most today is leadership by those responsible for governing aviation. While many emerging technologies proliferate in the absence of fit-for-purpose regulation, innovation in the application of drone technology is limited by governments’ inability to update legacy rules to meet new possibilities. Thus, NaviFly wants to emerge as the leader bringing in the Government regulations and Innovations to a common playground. By bridging the gap between the regulatory body and the organising committee, NaviFly can automate the sky.

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