why us?

As humans, we have always wanted to fly and NaviFly is fulfilling your dreams by bringing everyday drone deliveries and transport to you. Taking you to the Skies.

Our Story.

NaviFly joins the Superhero squad at Draper University.

Our CEO with bear of Embraer.

NaviFly pitched at the largest accelerator in the world- Plug and Play, Silicon Valley.


One Platform to Parameterise, Decentralise and Digitalise the sky. NaviATC is the air traffic control system which regulates and organises UAVs with a smart path planning software for seamless activities.

our products.

One platform. Decentralization. Organization.
Think of NaviATC as a product that lays down the lines and signals we see on the roads but virtually for the aerial vehicle traffic in order to organize it.

NaviFleet is a product through which a company can control its fleet of drones and assign tasks whilst being connected to the NaviATC.

Navi-Infrastructure is the infrastructure laid out for the NaviFly clients in order to ensure that the industry operates/ grows at its full potential.

our team.

Yashodhan Naik

Techno-commercial aspects & strategic planning.

Shivank Gupta

Strategy and operation

Ashlyn D'souza

Drone Operator

Hrishikesh Uralath

Marketing & Graphic designing

they said...

neeru sharma

MARYA Leadership Academy

” They are enthusiastic and driven. The team is creative and committed, their  keenness to learn, move in leaps and bounds and continuously step out of their comfort zones are all characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.”

Gustavo Carriconde


“NaviFly team is committed to disrupting the way we think about logistics and resource utilization in urban environments.”

Madi Aldabergen

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

“NaviFly has a great team, bold vision and a unique solution – pretty much everything you need for the next unicorn!”

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